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VidCom is proud to be an

Elite NewTek Partner


VidCom Ltd. is a Canadian company and are Elite Dealers for NewTek covering British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Over 30 years of professional video sales for clients large and small.

What is TriCaster?

“An incredible piece of equipment.”  

“Without (TriCaster), we couldn’t do the type of productions our customers expect.”  

“It gave us a way to upgrade (our) video product … in a manner that increased brand awareness, upgraded the brand image and also drove business.”  

Which TriCaster is right for you :: VidCom :: Elite NewTek Dealers for Western Canada


Build your business

Increase your revenue

Reach a larger audience

NewTek TriCaster 8000 :: VidCom
Live Video with Super Production ValueVirtual Sets :: Multi-camera Switching :: Stage, Screen and Sign Projection
Streaming VideoBigger than Life Branding to monetize your social media presence
LiveGraphics :: Titles :: Tickers :: Scores

Everyone has a vision, idea, event or story they want to share. With TriCaster & 3Play, our customers are able to communicate their stories in ways they never thought possible. From broadcasters and schools, to churches and creative visionaries, NewTek solutions can change the way they work, engage viewers, and deliver compelling stories.


What is the size of your production?

“If you want to produce video…start with the TriCaster and get in the video game.”  

Click to find out about your size of production needs:

You can start simple, or go for the major leagues.

There are many options depending on the size of your production.

Whether you’re just getting started in webstreaming, or you’re producing a large, multi-camera event, there’s a TriCaster that’s perfect for you.

What is your video production need?

• TV Stations
• Libraries
• Schools & school districts
• Video Bloggers
• Wedding Videographers
• University & college stadiums
• Businesses
• Auditoriums
• Distance Learning
• Churches and houses of worship
• Live Events
• Video Conferencing
• Streaming Media
• Corporate & HR Training
• Government
• Broadcasters
• Arenas
• Sports Leagues
• Conferences
• Festivals
• Multi-stage venues
• Event Producers

TriCaster :: Small Video Productions :: VidCom


To purchase or rent a NewTek TriCaster

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